Friday, June 18, 2010

The Inner Belt bridge bike lane saga continues

Yesterday's Plain Dealer reported that ODOT determined an Inner Belt bridge bike lane is not feasible, and instead now recommends the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge be used for bike traffic.

In today's edition, PD editorial board came down hard on ODOT in an editorial titled "Can ODOT say anything but 'no?'" They say the decision is "disappointing but unsurprising" and that "ODOT is a master of the narrow 'no' -- no matter the economic plusses." PD editors call on Gov. Strickland to demand a culture change at ODOT. They also call the proposed changes to the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge a "common-sense upgrade [that] should be done regardless of what happens with the Inner Belt."

Click here for our past blog posts about the effort to get a bike lane on the new Inner Belt bridge -- including who supports it, who is against it, and how to get involved.

1 comment:

  1. At the very least ODOT could have asked the firms preparing designs for the I-90 replacement to include a bike/ped option, with costs. That would provide some better information on which to make a decision, rather than ODOT's out-of-thin-air allegation that a bike/ped lane would cost an additional $20 million, "and therefore we can't afford it."

    'Cause ODOT says so. Grrr.