Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rumble strips proposed in Medina and Lorain Counties

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is planning to install rumble strips along certain roads in Medina and Lorain County.

While the proposed changes are touted as improving safety for motorists, they can increase danger for bicyclists.

The affected roads would be parts of State Routes 3, 18, 58, 83, 301, 303, and 511.

You can read the details of the plan at:


If you would like to provide feedback on this plan, send e-mail to:

John Hart, ODOT District 3 Director

Ken Wright, ODOT District 3 Planning and Programs Administrator

Michelle May, ODOT Central Safety Division


  1. Just sent a letter to all three of them.
    Thanks, CC, for the alert.

  2. Thanks, for the info. I have respectfully and thoughtfully responded to all three. I hope others do as well. I had the misfortune of riding an extensive section of recently rumble stripped Rt 20 a couple of weeks ago and a previously useful road is now a nightmare.
    Bill Brannon

  3. Rumble stripes on roads with less than full lane width shoulders make these roads very dangerous for bicycles and motorists because they make the shoulder un-rideable and unavailable forcing cyclists further into the traveled roadway. This increases the likely hood of motorist to motorist head-on collisions in addition to overrunning cyclists.

  4. I also wrote to the federal folks. Make sure you include your name and address and keep it 'proper', no ranting.
    Check this directory for RUMBLE STRIP responsible person: