Thursday, April 29, 2010

Now in stock: Giant Talon 29er 2!

If you've been following any trends at all in the mountain bike world in the past couple of years, the biggest news has been about the biggest wheels. 29-inch wheeled mountain bikes tackle rough terrain easier than their 26-inch cousins, but until recently, the prices of these less-common bikes have been bigger to match, as well.

That is changing as 29ers move more into the mainstream, and as manufacturers like Giant offer 29-inch models in the entry-level and intermediate-price range, such as this Giant Talon 29er 2.

For $699.99, you get Giant's ALUXX aluminum frame, an SR Suntour fork with 100mm of suspension travel, a 24-speed SRAM SX-4 drive train, and Hayes mechanical disc brakes. All this is a package designed to catch your eyes like a bike costing three times as much (check out those color-matched hubs)!

If you're looking for a bike that lets you dabble in singletrack riding half your time, and crushing your buddies on the Towpath and other unpaved trails the other half of your time, then the Giant Talon 29er 2 has your name written all over it. Now in stock in all three Century Cycles stores!

(Photos by Doug Charnock)

Giant offers this video highlighting the features and benefits of their Talon and Rainier 29er lines:

If you're looking for more serious race-worth 29er technology, we've got a Giant XTC 29er 1 available as a demo model in a Medium frame size that you can take out on the trail for a real test workout!

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  1. Ooooh.... that looks like such a sweet bike. You guys need to stop tempting me. You know I *need* a mountain bike, dont you? ;) I have never gone mountain biking, but I'm game to try!!