Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Super-Sneak peak at the 2011 Raleigh Rx 1.0

Raleigh Bicycles has released these two advance photos of their Rx 1.0 cyclocross bike for 2011. And they're asking for YOUR input about the color scheme. Which do you prefer, the gray or the green?

Check out the Raleigh Bicycles page on Facebook to leave your feedback.


  1. Green. But I like funky colors... Like I enjoy all the weird colors Surly does. (Except Beef Gravy Brown.) I think a bike should stand out so that people do a double-take when you pass. Of course, this is someone who rides two black bikes. I guess I ended up with the Area 51 men-in-black look...

  2. green. I don't like grey bikes, even when covered with mud.

    I would prefer a brighter color, a yellow or a red or blue.

  3. Man... I wish they would've asked our opinion on whether or not to drop SRAM in favor of 105. Lame.