Friday, December 11, 2009

Special gifts just got special-er!

Last weekend's Crazy Christmas Sweater Saturday was a rousing success and we're looking forward to another great one tomorrow, especially now that we see we picked some pretty popular free gifts!

You know the drill: Join us in a wearing o' the festive sweaters and we'll give you a special gift, FREE with any $10 purchase. You have your choice of two special gifts. The first gift is for beer drinkers – it’s a Century Cycles pint glass and a bottle of Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Christmas Ale – a beer so famous it got front-page coverage in The Plain Dealer this past week!

The other gift to choose from is just for coffee drinkers – it’s a Century Cycles coffee mug and a packet of 53x11 Coffee, The Early Break. There are a lot of folks who are fans of 53x11 Coffee besides us – including the comic strip hero Frazz. Check out his t-shirt in the comic strip by cartoonist (and fellow bicyclist) Jef Mallett that ran last week:

So what are you waiting for?? Dig out that old sweater Aunt Edna gave you 10 Christmases ago and we’ll give you something special to toast the season!
P.S. Oh yeah - and don't forget the Holiday Sale!

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