Friday, December 18, 2009

Hot New Product: Electra Classic Crochet Mesh Cycling Gloves

It's hard not to notice that for the past couple of years, the retro look is IN. Steel-framed bicycles, leather saddles, and leather handlebar tape, not to mention the classic cruiser-style bicycles that are popping up and turning heads in neighborhoods all over.

Regardless of the type of bikes they ride, we've had a lot of requests from customers lately for the retro-style cycling gloves, with the crochet mesh backs that provide a cool look and a cool feel.

Thanks to Electra Bicycles, we have a new option to offer you now in these gloves. The Electra Classic Crochet Cycling Gloves feature retro construction of 100% cotton mesh on the backs, plus synthetic leather palms with minimal foam padding to provide the protection you need without the bulk that you don't need.

They come in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes, in five classic color combinations to satisfy the tastes of any retro-grouch on your holiday shopping list (including yourself?).

In stock now in all three of our stores, or order online!

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