Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have a Surly Christmas!

Yesterday, we received an e-mail from the Supreme Overlord at Surly Central Command informing us that we were one of the Top 50 Surly Dealers in the country this year. To some, this honor may be akin to being named valedictorian of summer school, but we're dang proud. Many thanks to our Surly customers for helping to make it happen!

What does this mean to you, the Surly-consuming public? Well, in a few weeks, you may see our store windows festooned with a big Surly Pirate Flag sticker, the secret symbol informing you that we are a preferred purveyor of all things Surly. But you knew that already.

You may see us stocking a wider range of sizes in one or two models of Surly bicycles. Or you may not.

What's new in the Surly pipeline for 2010? The biggest news is that the Pacer road frame will be available for sale as a complete bike, in the new British Racin' Green color:
It features a Shimano Tiagra compact double drive train, including Tiagra front derailleur, rear derailleur, 12-25 9-speed cassette, and integrated brake/shift levers (a step up from the bar-end shifters found on the Long Haul Trucker and Cross-Check). A real steel road bike for a real steal at $1,175.00.

Speaking of the Cross-Check, it comes back unchanged from 2009, available as a frameset or complete bike in Gloss Black or the color we've all learned to love to hate or hate to love, Beef Gravy Brown.

To the delight of many picky touring cyclists, you can now choose 26-inch wheels in any size frame of the Long Haul Trucker; the 700C wheel option is still available for 56cm or larger frames. The new color is (She Wore) Blue Velvet:
There are still a handfull of the older Olive and Truckaccino color LHT's left.

You can still get your hands on a Big Dummy in either Military Green or Black, a Karate Monkey 29er mountain bike in Black or Chum Bucket Red, a Steamroller track bike in Black or Creamroller, the Instigator frame in Black, the 1x1 frameset in Black or Orange, the Traveler's Check frameset in Dark Blue or Brownlow, and coming soon, the Pugsley frameset in Grandpa's Jammies (don't ask, I don't know):

To all of our friends out there in Surly-land, believers and non-believers alike, have a Merry Christmas!

P.S. Don't forget about our final Crazy Christmas Sweater Saturday this week!


  1. If there is really is a Santa, then there will be a Surly Big Dummy under the tree for me tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath.

  2. Me too! And I love the new colors--(She Wore) Blue Velvet and British Racin' Green!! Though Truckaccino is still my favorite. I wish my Cross Check offered those options.