Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Define your life...in Taiwan AND Hong Kong!

Our friend and regular customer at the Century Cycles store in Medina, K. Bauer, sent us another batch of photos from her ongoing trip in Asia:

Here's K. Bauer proudly wearing her "Define your life. Ride a bike.tm" t-shirt at Goody Goody Coffee, a popular refueling spot for the many cyclists in the city of Kaoshung, Taiwan.

Sun Moon Lake is a popular tourist destination; here is K. Bauer sporting her "Define your life. Ride a bike.tm" t-shirt there, too!

Giant Bicycles has an office in Sun Moon Lake.

This van loaded with bicycles shows the popularity of cycling-related tourist activities in Taiwan. The location is Kenton National Park.

This photo from the island of Hong Kong shows how steep many of the streets there are, which, as K. Bauer notes, is why there aren't as many cyclists there compared to in Taiwan.

Thanks again for the photos and the trip report, Ms. Bauer!

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