Monday, November 30, 2009

Where to Ride on the West Side

We recently received a question from a guy who just moved to Westlake from Dallas, Texas, and wanted to know where to find some convenient places to bicycle on the West Side of Cleveland.

If you're looking to avoid traffic, especially if you're looking to squeeze in training miles in the early morning or late evening hours, there's the all-purpose trail within the Cleveland Metroparks. The most convenient area of the park for west-siders is the Rocky River Reservation, with the longest continuous stretch of paved trail starting at Detroit Road and going south all the way through Berea and beyond. There's also a short stretch of bike path in the Huntington Reservation, which connects to the Bay Village bike path network. You can find maps and descriptions of all of the Cleveland Metroparks on their web site at:

If you're looking for a longish road route, with scenery and food options along the way, we've mapped out a suggested route from our store in Rocky River, out to the city of Vermilion and back, which we've dubbed the "Rocky River Vermilion Voyage."

Just to the west, our neighbors in Lorain County have mapped out a scenic route that includes both quiet back roads and dedicated bike paths, which they have named the "Back Roads and Beaches Bike Tour." You can learn more about this route on their web site at:

No matter where you live or visit in Northeast Ohio, and whether you like to ride the roads, singletrack mountain bike trails, or bike paths, you can find tips on the best places to ride in the Where To Ride section on our web site. Check it out!

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