Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quick Links: Bicycling and books, the Innerbelt Bridge, and more

A charming bike tour: David Byrne's "Bicycle Diaries." (Plain Dealer Books)
ODOT is asked if a bike path is being considered for one of the two new Innerbelt Bridges -- plus reasons why it should happen and how you can help. (GreenCityBlueLake)
The Ethicist weighs in on a landlord who had the police remove a tenant's "abandoned" bicycle (second item). (New York Times) Playing bike polo with the Pedal Republik. (Cleveland Magazine) The mayor of Columbia, Mo., is spending millions to promote cycling. (Parade) Kim Crow buys her husband Ted a bike hat. (The Plain Dealer) Bike commuter Bill Trentel shows Clevelanders how it's done. (Inside Business) A biomedical engineer (and avid cyclist) discovers pedaling regimen improves patients with Parkinson's. (The Plain Dealer) Pedaling through Vermont amid the fall colors. (New York Times)

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