Monday, November 23, 2009

New for the Holidays: Detours Bicycle Bags

New for the season and just in time for your holiday gift shopping, Century Cycles introduces a new line of bicycle bags from Detours. Look for them in our stores beginning today!

Detours makes a wide selection of practical and stylish cycling bags for every rider. Whether you're a cross-country tourist, an everyday commuter, or you just want a great way to carry your stuff, you'll find a Detours bag, pack, or pannier that's perfect for you and all your two-wheeled adventures.

Since their beginnings, Detours has designed a variety of fine products for a wide range of riding needs and advocated for green living, too. Their unique Juicy bags and panniers for example, such as the Toocan Juicy and Toocan Grassy, are not only eye-catching, but also eco-friendly and made from recycled juice boxes and grasses native to Vietnam. Also, proceeds from the sales of these products go to the non-profit organization, Money From Garbage, which helps employ women in the rural Philippines.

We've also got the regular Toocan pannier; all bags in the Toocan series feature a large opening with zippered closure, and easy carrying handles that also serve as shoulder straps. Another option for carrying your groceries or commuting gear on a rear bicycle rack is the sleeker Toto bag, which features a magnetic closure.

We've also got Detours' durable version of the basic under-seat bag, know as the Guppy, in Medium and Large sizes in an assortment of colors.

Finally, for keeping your wallet, phone, camera, and other essential items handy, we've got handlebar-mounted bags in stock in two sizes. The massive Cruiser is for people who want to carry everything including the kitchen sink on their rides. The tiny Mini Met is for the minimalist traveler. Both feature a quick-release bracket and included shoulder strap to make it easy to take either one with you when you step off the bike.

For all of you who race in triathlons and other endurance events, there's even a frame top-tube-mounted Goodie Bag for holding your energy bars and gels!

To read more details about our line of bicycle bags from Detours, you can check out (and order) our selection online by clicking over to:

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  1. No Guppy in purple?? *stomps foot* I would get one for Beau if they had one!!