Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Economic Stimulus, Part Deaux: 6 Months Same As Cash

At Century Cycles, we're all about options. You want wide tires or skinny tires? You want bar-end shifters, or integrated brake/shifters? Do you even want brakes? We've got it covered.

Now, we've got you covered even more when it comes to paying for your new dream bike. In addition to most major credit cards, personal checks, our flexible lay-away program, and good old hard cash, we now have an even more generous financing program.

Introducing 6 Months Same As Cash, now twice as good as our measly old 3 Months Same As Cash program! That's right, you can take a new bike home today, plus all the accessories you'll need to go with it, and you'll have six months to pay for it without any interest or finance charges!

How can we do this, you ask? Aren't we just a swell bunch of folks? Well, maybe we are, but really, you can thank the folks who run the program, who work out of a big office tower somewhere in Manhattan, or maybe it's in Sioux Falls. You take your bike, they promise to pay us for it, and you just gotta promise to pay them back. Sounds like a big pyramid scheme, right? If so, it's time you got a piece of the action, anyway. The only catch is that if you decide not to pay them back right away, you've gotta give the guys in suits a little bit of "hush money" every month.

Signing up for this deal is pretty easy; you can even do it online by clicking on the "apply online" link on our Payment Options web page. Once you're approved, just print out your confirmation page, and stop into any of our stores and flash it in our face (try not to shove it too close; we're just as concerned about this whole flu thing as you are).

The 6 Months Same As Cash financing option can be used to purchase any in-stock or special-order bike, or bikes, including any of our new 2010 models, our Fall Clearance Bikes, or order that new Surly you've had your eye on.

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  1. Aw, shucks. I just paid off my Surly. =) Just in time for Christmas. =) That's an awfully sexy Giant you posted at the top of this entry... A bit too much for me, but it reminds me of a Giant Defy Alliance I test rode... But no, no more bikes for me right now. I do need an extra set of tires for the Surly, though... I'm sure I'll be in to fight off my winter blues by shopping for more bike stuff soon.