Monday, October 19, 2009

"Race Across The Sky: The Leadville Trail 100:" In theaters on Thursday

When we went to see "Zombieland" last week, we saw a preview for "Race Across The Sky: The Leadville Trail 100," in movie theaters at 8pm EST this Thursday, October 22. It's a documentary about one of the most intense endurance races in sports -- a 100-mile mountain bike race in Colorado for 12 grueling hours over 14,000 vertical feet of climbing. This one-night event will also feature a panel discussion with Lance Armstrong, Chris Carmichael, Dave Wiens, Ken Chlouber, and more.

In the Century Cycles area, you can see it at the Cinemark Valley View, Cinemark Crocker Park, Regal Montrose, Regal Severance, and Cinemark Southpark.


  1. The last time I went to Colorado, I had missed this race by a week. I was staying outside of Leadville at B&B in Twin Lakes to climb Mt. Elbert the following day. Anyway, the proprietors of the B&B said that the Leadville 100 went right down their street. They showed me some blurred pictures of Lance zipping by. I was so jealous. One of these days, I'm going to go up there the weekend that race is going on and watch at that B&B. Looking at this trailer, I'm astounded. I knew they went up some trails in some mountains, I didn't realize it was that intense. The only time I've seen scenery like that was when I hiked to it myself. AWESOME. I'm going to have to see this flick.

    Btw, Leadville is also known for a 100 mile foot race that they have each year. While I was at that same B&B last summer, a girl staying there was gearing up to do it. They have to run 100 miles in 24 hours. I cant think of worse torture, really. I hate running... Bikes are much better.

  2. Ohio City Bicycle Co-op Facebook members are trying to get group rides together.

  3. Old Brooklyn Bicycle Group will try to get a ride together. Just a short ride down to towpath to Valley View for us.