Saturday, September 5, 2009

On finding a shop before a bike

Jesson Prohaska of Medina took the time to write to us last week and we want to share his kind words for Adam (above) and the Medina store staff. He also makes some excellent points about what he learned while shopping around for a bike. On August 29 he wrote:

Thanks Century Cycles & Especially Adam! All the respected cycling magazines recommend finding a shop before a bike and I'm glad I found Century Cycles in Medina.

I thought I could get away with spending less and purchased a bike from Dick's Sporting Goods. I knew you get what you pay for but I thought a "big box" retailer selling good brands might afford me a bargain. I was wrong! You definitely only get what you pay for and having an expert and enthusiast (not a person "punching the clock") walk you through all the options and differences between bikes is really helpful. Additionally, knowing what degree of components you need to have an enjoyable riding experience is essential and only experts can really help you with the differences (i.e not Dick's or Wal-Mart for that matter). That is where Adam came in. He approached me instead of me having to hunt down an associate and took all the time I needed to help me in my decision (which was approximately 2 hours). I test rode a bunch of bikes and asked a million questions but Adam was never frustrated. I ended up with a great bike, at a fair price, that does everything I need it to and feels great to ride.

I've returned my other bike to Dick's Sporting Goods after 2 weeks, a set of bad shifters, two bad tune-ups, the chain falling off twice, and a flat tire and now have a bike my 6'1" 210lb frame can rock out everyday with no problems. So thanks again Century Cycles and I look forward to bringing in my bike in the years to come for all its regular maintenance needs.

Thank you, Jesson -- and we look forward to seeing you in the years to come! (Click here to read more letters from Century Cycles customers whose expectations were exceeded in Rocky River and Peninsula, too.)

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