Sunday, September 6, 2009

Breaking news: Mars Girl bought a Surly Cross Check!

And named it Beau! For many more loving photos and words about what she calls "my dream, my obsession, my passion," click here.


  1. Oh god!!! *shocked embarrassment* I obviously need to get a life, right?? ;) I know it. I own it.

    (I think I am going to have to hide myself away from CC for awhile... this makes me look a little nuts...)

  2. Oh, I didn't mean to embarrass you -- and we LOVE the life you have! (Hell, it's OUR life -- we, too, name our bikes [Petch, how's the Root Beer Float rolling?] and they are most certainly our passions.) It's just that anyone who reads the CC blog regularly knows that you've been considering the Surly for a while. When I read on your blog that you finally made the leap, I was so freakin' excited for you that I rushed to make sure everyone knew the big news. Don't you dare hide yourself away now....we gotta hear about that Surly experience!

  3. I have a thing about naming my vehicles... I name my cars too... I dont know, it personalizes them.

    I did obsess about the Surly all summer, so I'm glad to have finally plunked down the money. So far, I've had some fun riding it. Can't wait to find some pot-holed road somewhere that my Giant OCR 1 would fear to tread!

    Thanks to everyone at CC, particularly Derrick, for helping me find another bike that's perfect for me.

  4. Congratulations, Mars Girl!
    Welcome to the exclusive club of Surly owners. We love our bikes. They empower us to take the less traveled and seek out new adventures.

    My Cross Check, also built by Derrick, is my go to bike for riding into unknown territory.

    Happy Trails

  5. We should organize a Cross Check ride... ;) And find some dirty, dusty, unpaved road somewhere to ride on! Maybe we'll let other Surlys join us...

    If you have any knowledge of neat places to ride, let me know. I'd like to do a small self-contained ride some weekend. Well, not one where I need to put a tent on my bike because I don't have one small enough for that, but somewhere where I might be able to find lodging once I get there.

  6. Sounds like an awesome idea! I know of lots of dirty, dusty, unpaved roads - sometimes they're a little muddy, too. Ashtabula and Holmes Counties are among my favorite places to ride. Fall can be spectacular.

    If you stop by or call the River Store, I'll be delighted to provide you with some route information. Maybe we can even come up with a Surly Ride Event . . .