Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vintage Bianchi Milano

Many things that get dug out of peoples' garages should perhaps have stayed there. Not so with this 1959 Bianchi Milano 3-speed that a customer brought into the Century Cycles store in Peninsula to have us get it into riding shape. It is in amazingly good condition, needing only tires and a couple of cables to fix it up.

It was made in Italy, but the design seems more inspired by the English-made Raleighs of the same era.

It was a shame to have to get rid of the Pirelli tires that were on it (from your Ferrari to your bicycle!). When Derrick pulled the old tubes out, here's what he found; made by Firestone in the good ol' US of A, something you haven't seen in about 30 years:

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  1. I got to ogle that bike while I was in the shop yesterday. I love vintage bikes. I wish my dad would have saved the bike I used to ride at my grandparents' house. It was probably not in the best of a shape, but I would have restored it back into working order so that I could, I dont know, place it in my house and admire it. ;) Or maybe I'd ride it up the street. But some bikes are just nice to look at... work of art, especially those vintage ones.