Thursday, July 23, 2009

Product Review: Joe-2-Go Coffee Cup Holder

The Origin8 Joe-2-Go Coffee Cup Holder solves the problem of how to carry your favorite non-bottled beverage on your ride. It clamps to your handlebar with a sturdy hinged metal clamp. It holds any beverage in a tapered cup, whether the cup is disposable or reusable.

I picked one of these up a couple of months ago when we first got them for our Hot Deals for Cold Days specials earlier this year.

I had tried an inferior model of coffee cup holder in the past. The cup holder part was made of a thin layer of bare aluminum, which did not grip a cup very well. I had a couple of cases where I went over a bump or railroad tracks and suffered an unplanned ejection of my beverage. I tried to solve this by choosing a coffee mug with rubber grippers on the side. This solved the problem somewhat. Another problem, though, is that the cheap plastic clamp holding it to my handlebar did not hold tight enough. No matter how tightly I screwed the bolt in place, or how many rubber shims I put between the clamp and the handlebar, under the weight of a cup of coffee, after a few minutes of riding, the cup holder sagged under the weight of the beverage.

Both of these problems are solved with the Joe-2-Go. I filled my travel mug before I left home this morning with a full serving of Jet Fuel from my Keurig coffee maker. (Yes, I have joined the Keurig Kult. Resistance is Futile.) The Joe-2-Go performed with flying colors during my 14-mile commute to the shop. The handlebar clamp held firm, with no slippage whatsoever. The foam lining of the cup holder kept my mug from flying out, over curbs, potholes, and railroad tracks. Here it is in action on my Xtracycle cargo bike:

The Origin8 Joe-2-Go Coffee Cup Holder is in stock at all three of our stores, and costs $15.99.

P.S. Roadside Finds of the Day: wooden Jesus fish pendant, big rubber ant, and the usual bungee cord:


  1. Wow! I never find anything cool on my bicycle commute to work. Just deer hanging by the side of the bike path and Boston Mills Road to make sure I'm awake and ready to stop at a moment's notice... I'm jealous. But, then, I do get to climb Snowville Road a 7:45 in the a.m. That's fun! ;)

  2. Yeah, I saw a few deer today as well. A group of three ran in front of me on the bike trail in Twinsburg. Another was right on one of the residential streets in Hudson.

  3. They're scary because you're never sure what the heck they are going to do... Will they run out in front of you? Will they run away? They're kind of stupid so you're never sure what their fear is going to make them do... Having hit a dog on my bike at high speed, leading to my Big Accident, I'm always especially watchful of animals running out into the road...

    What they really need to sell is something you can mount on your handlebars that make some noise that alert the deer you're coming so that they run away before you get there. Dont they have something like that for cars?