Monday, July 27, 2009

The long way around

Late Friday afternoon, the Peninsula crew had the opportunity to help out two very adventurous cyclists, Morrigan and Allan. The two were within 200 miles of completing a 10,000+ mile plus ride around the US. Allan had been having some issues with an out of true wheel and they had considered just pressing on, but fate stepped in while I was outside the shop and shouted "Hi" to them. They figured they were here, and would have both bikes looked at to make sure the last push was issue-free. Allan's bike just needed some minor tweaks, a new rear tire, and some new brake pads.

Morrigan's bike needed a little more; the cassette body on the rear wheel was about to come completely off. Something missed by other shops, a shameless plug for us! The delay was gonna make it too late in the day for them to make the next campground, so I offered my floor to them, and they quickly accepted. I think the idea of a shower and AC helped. Dinner at the Winking Lizard is where I found out more about their trip.

They are both photo journalists, and to describe their goal best, I will quote their website. "We are two young people on a mission: to collect and publish overlooked stories of everyday Americans and their opinions and actions regarding the environment." For more info and to follow the end of their journey follow this link to their website:

To sum up, I consider myself privileged to have been able to help them out; it didn't hurt that they loved some of my photos. Allan my even used one of them for a separate project. I should also mention that they are riding Giant FCR 3's. While these are not bikes specifically built for very long distance tours, they had held up and worked fine.

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  1. Here is Morrigan and Allan's blog post about their visit to Century Cycles and Doug's hospitality: