Sunday, June 14, 2009

World-wide bicycle tourers stop in Peninsula

The latest in a continuing parade of long-distance bike tourists stopped in the Peninsula store this past Friday. Francis and Hélène are from France and have been riding literally around the world on their recumbent bicycles. You can read about their journey on their blog at:

Their site is mostly in their native French, but if nothing else, you can at least enjoy their pictures!

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  1. Hello !
    The frogs talking...
    Thank you all for helping us so nicely with our little kick stand problem. You are definitely the coolest bike shop we saw on our way ! And of course, a special thanks to Garry and his family for welcoming us a their place for a night. That was unexpected and ... awesome.
    We just left the Underground Railroad and are now in Toronto, ready to ride the last part of our trip : La route verte in Quebec to Montreal.
    All the best to all of you and to the shop.

    Francis et Helene