Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Long Bike Back

An inspiring story about Pearson Constantino, a lifelong cyclist who battles back from a crippling hit-and-run accident and, with his brother Peter, rides across America to inspire more bicycling and encourage safety on the roads.

Constantio completed his journey upon a Raleigh Cadent FC, the crown jewel of Raleigh's performance hybrid line.

Inspired by Constantion's dedication?

Well, you can start off locally with a sub-24 hour overnight, such as the Tour-de-Surly, which took three Century Cycles employees starting at our Peninsula location to West Branch State Park in Ravenna.

Need to gear up for a sub-24 or extended tour?

Surly offers the venerable Long Haul Trucker, which has been thoroughly documented on this here blog.

Another unsung hero is the Raleigh Sojourn. The Sojourn packs a proven trekking geometry, Avid disc brakes, bar end shifters, and a timeless Brooks saddle and matching bar tape. It comes equipped with a set of SKS fenders and a rear rack to make it tour-worthy out of the box.

Happy trails!

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