Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ride Mohican State Park

I took advantage of my day off today and headed down to Mohican State Park, outside of Loudonville, Ohio, to ride the 25-mile mountain bike trail loop. It was a perfect summer-like day, and the trail was in fantastic shape as always. It's so smooth and virtually mud-free, I think my bike got dirtier during the drive there than it did during the bike ride.

Being a weekday, I didn't see another soul on the trail. The only downside of not seeing another face was that my face was the only one available for clearing the spider webs that stretched across the trail. Oh, and check yourself (or have a VERY close friend check you) for ticks after your ride; I caught one of the little buggers crawling up my leg while I was changing back into my street clothes. Luckily, he had not yet sunk his little jaws into my skin.

You can find directions and other details about Mohican State Park in the Where to Ride section of our web site.


  1. How nice of you to clear the spider webs from the trail for the weekend riders. I think some of the guys from ABC are going there this weekend... (tomorrow, in fact).

  2. I think the spiders work fast enough that my web-clearing efforts will be for naught by the time the weekend rolls around. When I got back to my car after riding the trail, there were already spider webs on my bike rack!

  3. I was most worried about the ticks comment. Do you actually have to worry about ticks when mountain biking? In that case, I think I'll stick to the road. I was seriously thinking of TRYING mountain biking. Now I'm not sure. I like to get dirty like the next girl, but not when it involves skin-boring insects...

  4. Well, yeah, ticks are a concern, but you're no more at risk when mountain biking compared to any other activities that you may enjoy outdoors, like hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, trail running...