Monday, May 18, 2009

Raleigh Lil' Push Rocks!

I borrowed this post from the Raleigh Bicycles Blog, showing a kid on a Raleigh Lil' Push bike doing exactly what he should be doing--rockin' and rollin!


  1. Shame on those parents for not putting a helmet on that boy!! He was in the street and everything!!! *tisk, tisk*

    Oops. I lectured.

    But very cute!! For about two seconds, I wanted to have a kid just so that I could give him a bike. Then, I came to my senses. ;)

  2. As a mom, I had two thoughts: Why isn't he wearing a helment and why didn't I get my son one of those bikes when he was that age??

    As a White Stripes fan, I had just one: Rock on, little man!

  3. Exactly! Protect that cute little bugger's head!!

    But that bike sure looks fun. Do they have a push bike for adults? ;)

  4. Yes, they do make one for adults! It's called the TCR Advanced SL Team:

  5. Yeah... if I happen to have a spare $8,000... =) *cough, choke*