Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to Shift Gears

One of the most common questions we hear from beginning cyclists is "How do I shift gears?" Well, in addition to the expert advice on this and other topics you can get in our stores, we've created a new section on our web site that addresses how to operate the shifting levers for all of the major manufacturer's models of shifters.

Just go to our Where to Ride page, check the list of shifting systems at the bottom of the page, and click on the one that matches your bike.

Also, check out the left-side menu on our Where to Ride page. It has suggestions for places to ride, whether you like riding on the road, singletrack mountain biking, or dedicated bike paths. It also has many other helpful pages, with information and tips about riding skills, training, commuting by bike, bike clubs and other local resources! You can find this page at:


  1. Hey, you should post info about Akron Bicycle Club rides. We ride from Deep Lock Quarry on Thursdays at 6:30pm and have three different levels of riding -- the faster paced (14-16mph avg) ride that always goes up a hill out of the valley, the social pace ride on road (12-14mph avg? If that.), and towpath riders. We even take hikers. Can you guess which group I ride with?? ;)

    There's also a Thursday 6pm ride from Deep Lock, but those dudes are superfast (18-20mph) and I wouldn't ride with them to save my life (because I'd probably die trying). They usually do 30 miles and they are definitely not social, at least not during the ride. They're generally social at the Lizard afterwards.

    Wednesday nights, we have a lovely ride from Revere High School at 6:30pm that also provides three levels of road riding which is basically: longer, faster ride; medium-paced social ride; and a slow road ride at about 10-15 miles.

    You can check out all our rides and events at our club website.

    We're a friendly social cycling club based out the Akron area. But we also have rides all over the place.

    Sorry, just had to advertise for my beloved club. ;) My advertisement is unpaid and I do not profit personally from this endorsement. However, I am the Adopt-a-Highway coordinator and an occasional ride leader so I might have some investment in the club's growth. ;)

  2. Mars Girl, thanks for the info. We've got a link to the Akron Bike Club on our Local Resources page that I referred to in my original post, giving it equal billing with all of the other local bicycle clubs:

  3. Oh, whoops. I just scanned the list of the local rides in the table. Carry on!

  4. I thought you were supposed to grab hold of the wire thingy and yank it a couple of times to make it go back and forth on the doohickey in the back metal whatchamacallit. Hell this will be a lot easier!