Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Check us out at The Winking Lizard Tavern!

Thank you to The Winking Lizard Tavern in Peninsula for letting us display some of our "propaganda" in their entryway! Shown is the Electra Women's Townie 7D in Orange Pearl ($439.99).
Needless to say, the Lizard is a favorite spot of the CC Peninsula crew for lunch, dinner, and after-work refreshments. Thanks to Doug for the above photo; rumor has it that he spends his fair share of spare time at the Lizard...


  1. I too can be found frequently at the Winking Lizard in Peninsula. It's my house away from home... Usually, I'm drinking a Dortmunder Gold... ;)

  2. Doug actually owns shares in the place. I wonder what the inside of that place looks like?

  3. Is this an invitation?! When is happy hour?