Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Can you keep a secret?? Shhhh....

I bought my husband a bike for Father's Day. The poor guy has to put up with me all the time, so I thought he deserved something really amazing and I think I found it -- the Electra Straight 8.

It's so freakin' cool, though, that there is no way I can hold on to it until June 21. I gotta find another excuse to give it to him early....perhaps Cinco de Mayo?? Or maybe May 7? Jerry is a big motorcycle racing fan and that's Ben Bostrom's birthday.

In the meantime, it's on the floor at the Rocky River store, should you want to bask in its coolness before it takes up residence in our garage.


  1. Well it worked. Thanks to my lovely wife! I was totally surprised! I had no clue she and Scott put this scheme together (I'll be reading the blog more frequently from now on).

    This bike is even cooler in person. Its ride is super mellow, truly a vacation on wheels.

  2. That's a coll bike, but how do you do some knee draggin?

  3. I may have to put clip-ons and some diablo corsas on if I want to drag my knee.