Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Women's Health Loves Giant

The mainstream press has been loving Giant Bicycles lately, and the newest great review comes from the April 2009 issue of Women's Health magazine. Here's why they recommend the Giant FCR 1 for Women:
"With a lightweight frame, race-inspired wheels, 18 gears, and clip-less pedals (swap in regular pedals for $20), the Giant FCR 1 W is a thoroughbred. The flat handlebar promotes an upright position, which means more traffic awareness and less back strain. $1,025, giantforwomen.com"
We have the FCR 1 W's more economical little sisters in stock, the FCR 2 W ($849.99), and the FCR 3 W ($549.99), but if you'd prefer the top-of-the-line FCR 1 W, we'd be glad to special-order it for you (our price is actually $949.99)!

The accompanying article also contains tips on cycling as a great fat-burning activity, and features a photo of Giant for Women Ride Society Leader Mari Holden riding the Giant TCR Advanced T-Mobile bike. You can download a PDF of the whole article here.


  1. Well, this woman rates Giant very highly. My OCR 1 fits me perfectly and I love it. I think I'm a devoted Giant rider. In fact, I think sometimes of selling my Trek hybrid for an FCR...

  2. If you like chicks and bikes, then check this out: