Saturday, March 7, 2009

Men's Fitness select Giant Defy 3 as one of six "Hottest New Bikes"

"It doesn't just look fast for the money--it is. The stiff, responsive aluminum frame, racy, sloping geometry, and upgrades like the carbon fork and seatpost help it outperform its price. And you'll laugh at any doubters while spinning effortlessly past them up hills (and still have money left to buy the first round!)." We've got the Giant Defy 3 in stock in all three of our stores, plus the equivalent women's-specific model, the Avail 3! $749.99 And for Mars Girl, here's the cover of the magazine:


  1. I knew that handsome piece of man candy for Mars Girl looked familiar! That's Shemar Moore, an actor on "Criminal Minds" AND an avid cyclist who commutes to work on the set by bike. He was profiled in the December issue of Bicycling:,6610,s-3-12-18115-1,00.html

  2. That's right!! Now we're talking... And I like this guy -- he does the MS 150 in SoCal... I have done the MS 150 every year (in whatever state I was living in) since 2000! My grandfather had MS, so it's a very important cause. So Mr. Muscle Guy here is pretty cool. I like how he used to ride a hybrid until his friends goaded him about it being a sissy bike... which is pretty much how I switched to a road bike too...