Friday, March 13, 2009

Memories of the Little 500

Last week, a very nice couple stopped in the Peninsula store looking for bikes to ride on the Towpath. They had recently moved into the area from Illinois. I happened to mention tonight's Breaking Away Party with Masi and Century Cycles, and they both suddenly got a big grin.
"You might be interested to hear that both of us went to Indiana Universtiy," they said. They were around during the filming of Breaking Away in the 1970's, and remember seeing production crews and other associated activity all over town.
I asked if they made any appearances in the film, and they said that no, they did not, but a very good friend of theirs did.
The friend volunteered to be one of the about 250 local people used as extras for the crowd scenes in the stadium, during the final climactic race near the end of the film. To make it appear that the stadium was filled with spectators, the crew would have those couple of hundred people fill in one section of the bleachers, and then film all of the scenes where that section was in the background. Then, the crew had everyone move to another section of bleachers, and proceed to film all of the scenes from the new angle!
These customers mentioned that whenever they watch the movie, they are amused to see how their friend is magically "transported" all around the stadium in a matter of seconds!
We hope that you find a way to transport yourself to our Rocky River store tonight for the party!

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