Monday, March 9, 2009

Male model, with lycra

Here's another picture for our dedicated blog reader, Mars Girl, who said:

"Women are always slighted. There's not enough naked guys in our marketing... Just think what it could do for bike sales... Maybe you guys need to get some male models to pose in front of the bikes. No lycra required! You have an opportunity to break into the female market. You should run this idea by Scott. ;)"

Since we aim to please our customers, here's our own ace mechanic from Medina, Tom. Sorry, Mars Girl, not naked, but sporting the latest in full-length skin-tight lycra:


  1. Nice! He sports it well (ie, no beer belly!) ;) He should be standing by a Giant, though. ;) Or some bike you think I need to have... (I only have 3, you know.)

  2. ...or maybe the crank set I just talked about needing for my hybrid in my most recent blog entry...