Friday, February 20, 2009

Two articles, for your information, for your health

Coming to us via a post on UrbanVelo, an article in the LA Times discussing the risk of bone density loss among cyclists. The effect with mountain bikers is somewhat less, presumably due to the additional action in the upper body required by the bumps and other technical aspects of trail riding. Read the full LA Times article here. Conclusion: even if you're a very fit cyclist, mix up your workouts with some resistance and strength training to keep your bones healthy.

Next, via Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, some statistics from Bikes Belong that support why we need to get more kids on bikes. A couple of eye-opening facts:
  • Adoescents who bike or walk to school watch less TV and are less likely to smoke than their peers who are driven to school. They also get more overall physical activity.
  • Youth who commute to school by motorized transport gain an average of 2-3 pounds per year more than those who actively commute to school.
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  1. There's no mention of BEER in these articles. Isn't BEER good for bone, is that bonehead density?!