Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Regrets from Oregon


A friend from Ohio sent me a link to your Breaking Away Party with Masi and Century Cycles and I'm just writing to say I'm jealous and can't make it. I'll be stuck in drizzly Portland watching Breaking Away while pedaling on the trainer. I've seen the movie some 250 times and seeing it with a bunch of nutty enthusiasts would be really fun. Have a great time celebrating the movie's anniversary and drinking the Cutters IPA. Oh, and the Masi

Portland, OR

Thanks, Greg, and we're sorry, too, that you can't join us! We hope you can stop in for a visit some other time!


  1. What I don't understand is why Scott won't fly him in in the CC private plane?

  2. The CC private plane is in the shop for its annual tune-up, as everyone's bikes should be. When it's finished, would you like to try pedaling it to Oregon and back?

  3. Wow... and to think I never finished watching that movie because I got bored. And the scene where the cyclist dude passes the semi down that hill going like 60+ miles broke my suspension of disbelief. Maybe I'd have believed it if it was a tandem... but that would still be pushing it.

  4. Do the wings flap when you pedal? If so...yes.