Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Denver billboards: "Work to bike more"

From AdRants:

Billboard Karma Shines on Pro-Biking Campaign

When Fort Collins-based New Belgium Brewing Co. was offered a package of urban Denver billboards, pro bono, for a pro-biking ad campaign, it quickly accepted, and assigned its agency, Denver-based Cultivator Advertising & Design to create the outdoor messages. And that's when serendipity stepped in and flooded the billboard placement Gods with good karma. The headline, "Work to Bike More," was inspired by the priorities of several New Belgium employees who may well be more passionate about cycling than about gainful employment. The billboard promotes New Belgium's Team Wonderbike, which encourages both New Belgium employees and the general public to trade in their cars for a bike. The placement above PT Motor's "Cash for Cars" sign, at I-76 and North Federal Blvd., Denver, was...oh yea...serendipitous.

Thanks, Michelle, for the tip for this -- the 500th Century Cycles blog post!


  1. Ahhh... yes... this is why I love Colorado so much... I was stupid to move back. Bike commuting was more of a norm, as were showers at your place of employ so that you could commute in... I miss that...

  2. I won't try to convince you that commuting by bike is as easy here as it is in Colorado, but if you need inspiration, here's our Bike Commuting Excuse Busters:

  3. Oh I'm going to commute here... It just sucks that I dotn get a shower when I get into the office here... just an old-fashioned "sponge bath" in the girls' room sink. Bleh.

    Drivers in CO were generally better, though, with bike commuters.

    Also, occasionally in Denver you'd get a 75 degree day in the middle of JANUARY. 'Course, that could happen here too.

  4. I'm wearing shorts today, while I can!

    The most courteous drivers I have seen in all of my bike travels were, quite surprisingly, in Kentucky!

  5. Really? Despite the southern drawl of these angry anti-cycling drivers I keep finding on youtube?

    These folks are not giving us a very positive image of those of the southern persuasion...