Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Century Cycles Brewmasters

Last night, Scott Cowan and a few more of us from the Century Cycles staff headed out to the Brew Kettle in Strongsville for the final steps in our latest batches of custom hand-crafted beers. Our Little 500 Lager and Stone Cutter IPA will be served at our upcoming Masi Launch / Breaking Away Celebrazione in March. Stay tuned for more details on this event!

Sanitizing the bottles

Doug, Ken, and Krista applying labels to bottles.

Krista carefully lines up a Stone Cutter IPA label.

Kevin at the bottling station.

The whole gang!


  1. Did you guys leave any for the Masi Launch? It appears to me like some of those bottles did not make it into the cases?!

  2. Don't worry, there's some left for you! Knowing you, we probably should have set aside a case or two... ;)

  3. I hope this batch was brewed under the watchful eye of a master brewer....cause all I see are a bunch of master consumers!

  4. Okay... I am not that into this whole Masi bike thing... and I didnt really like the movie _Breaking Away_... but I'm now thinking I might make it to the party for the beer! ;) Oh yeah and to hang out with my favorite CC people!

  5. You've GOT to come, Mars Girl! First, these guys really do brew a good beer. Second, I'm dying to meet you! And third, how else will you know what special shout-outs we have planned for our best blog commenters like YOU???