Friday, February 6, 2009

Bed and Bike America

One Street, a bicycle advocacy organization based in Prescott, Arizona, has launched a separate project called Bed and Bike America. The aim of the new site is to provide a place for travellers to find bicycle-friendly businesses (mainly hotels and bed & breakfasts), and a place for those businesses to make themselves known to their potential customers. You can find the new service at:

Two other random links I'll throw in today, courtesy of the folks at the Surly Bikes Blog:

Danny and the Demoncycle: Hilarious vintage comic promoting bicycle safety.

Heavy Metal Laundry Tips: Not bike-related, but hilarious as well. "Does the Snuggle bear really look like he knows the difference between Iron Maiden and Iron Angel?"

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  1. That really scared me into the straight and more KOOKY bike riding for me!