Friday, January 23, 2009

The three back pockets: What do you carry where?

This week's "Hot Deals for Cold Days" are on cycling jerseys, which got me thinking about the three back pockets on them -- and what to carry in them.

Alex Stieda, the first North American to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France (with 7-Eleven in 1986), wrote about what he puts in which pocket in the November issue of Bicycling:

I carry extra gloves or a phone (in a zip-lock bag) in the left pocket and a tightly rolled vest or jacket in the middle one. Food goes in the right pocket -- because I'm right-handed, that's the easiest pocket for me to reach and thus the place where I stash items I'll use most often.

I asked Scott what he carries where. He says he usually doesn't carry too much. When he does, Clif Bloks or Gu packs are in the right pocket and perhaps a nylon jacket is in the middle pocket. He keeps his cell phone and spare inner tube in his seat bag.

So...what do you carry where??


  1. Left- cellphone, center- pocket digital camera, right- Hammer Gel flask. :)

  2. Depends on the weather and length of the ride. Right: cell phone and spare cash in a baggie. Left: Clif Bar and/or Gu packet. If the weather's iffy, a light jacket or vest in the center pocket.

  3. I dont shove anything in a particular pocket, bu tnow this post got me thinking that it would probably be more convenient to throw the things I need most often into the right pocket since I too am right-handed.

    I usually carry editable items in the pockets... things I need more quickly... I generally keep the spare tube and my cell phone in the saddle bag (I don't ride and talk on the phone!). I generally keep my ID and medical card in one of the pockets so that emergency services can identify the body and know that I'm insured! ;) Gruesome, I know, but the sad reality of road cycling.

  4. I put food stuff in the left side pocket and always reach for it and my favorite bottle with my left hand.That way if some nice person or furry little friend cuts me off I'm not left with a handful of front brake as my only option.Tube.tire lever and CO2 inflater in the middle pocket.All else in the right side like phone,MP3 player,dry shoes and socks,socket set,camp stove,hair gel,pipe wrenches,firearms,sewing know just the basics I like to travel light.

  5. :-)
    Don't forget your floor pump!

  6. Since my older steel frame has only one bottle boss, I carry a spare bottle in the center. ID, Med Benefits card, credit card, and phone all go in a bag in the right side, which is where gels and such go as well. The left is for a vest, gloves, or other warm items for dealing with changing conditions. All the flat repair stuff goes in a small under seat bag, along with a sock for wiping up my hands after a roadside repair