Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A life defined: Gary Fisher

"In 1974, I blacksmithed the now famous klunker from scavenged objects. Then I started to hear that high form of recognition: 'You can't do that,' and 'It won't work.' I knew I was onto something big." -- Gary Fisher, pioneer mountain-bike builder
I saw that quote in an Adventure Cycling eNewsletter last month and it's a reminder that, like so many successful visionaries, Fisher had to overcome the naysayers. But that's in the past. What about the future? Here's Fisher's inspiring vision:
Somebody asked me the other day why I spend so much time doing bike stuff. The question caught me off guard. My first response was that bikes are as good a pursuit as just about anything else I can think of. Then I realized something else: it's not really about bikes. I mean, it is. But. It's about being outside, it's about communing with something big, it's about meeting people. Bikes are forward momentum. They are machines with inherently positive motives. I like that. Always have. Not going to stop any time soon.

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  1. I hear the "Call of the Bikes" as well.

    After a rather knarly motorcycle accident in 1972 and long recovery time I found myself stradling an old beatup 10 speed. I still had a cast on one leg with pins in my lower leg. I balanced my crutches across the handle bars and pushed off, knowing full well it would hurt like the dickens if I had to come down on that leg!

    But as I rolled down the street and began to pedal a feeling of such relief and freedom overcame me that I just kept pedaling and pedaling.

    I've been pedaling ever since and I too don't intend to stop anytime soon!

    Cycling has been a joy in my life all these years.