Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cleveland bicycle messenger is the "go-to" guy for local weather

Since I'm always keeping an eye on cycling-related news in our region, I set up a Google Alert to let me know when the words "bicycle" and "cleveland" (among others) appear in new stories on the web. I didn't think very much of it the other day when a quote from Cleveland bicycle messenger Daniel Dominic showed up in a story about the recent cold weather snap we've been having. But then it showed up again the next day, and a few more times the day after that when the Associated Press picked it up.

A quick web search for "daniel dominic ohio" will show you many of these stories, including the Akron Beacon-Journal, Toledo Free Press, Fox 8 Cleveland, and WFMJ-21.

Daniel, if you're out there reading this, tell us what you're up to today, and more about your 15 minutes of fame!

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