Friday, December 12, 2008

Which maintenance class is right for you?

I asked Derrick Kortvejesi, our Service Manager in Peninsula and maintenance class instructor extraordinaire, to give us a brief how-to guide for selecting the right class:

The Basic Maintenance Class ($25) is ideal for the recreational rider concerned about achieving comfort on the bicycle and the ability to handle a flat tire change. Over two hours, we walk you though simple bike adjustments, chain cleaning and lubrication, then roll up our sleeves and change a flat tire.

The Tune-Up Class ($75) is perfect for customers with newer, low-mileage bicycles in need of some straight-forward wheel, brake, and gear adjustments. This class is best for someone wanting a solid grasp of routine maintenance. Two, 2-hour segments give us time to demonstrate then let you duplicate each adjustment on your own bicycle. We'll be looking over your shoulder the whole time. There is no pre-requisite to taking this class.

The Overhaul Class ($100) is for those who simply want to know all the ins and outs. There is no pre-requisite. While it is our most time-intensive, at three 2-hour evenings, it is not a difficult class. We walk you through each step, then give you plenty of time to perform the task on your own bicycle. We're right there with you the entire time. Learn many of the tricks as well as valuable troubleshooting skills. Highly recommended for riders of ALL mechanical abilities.

Classes start in less than a month! For more information and to register online, click here.

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