Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tell President-Elect Obama to fund bike/ped projects

So far, 8,000 people have signed this petition encouraging President-Elect Obama and Congress to spend transportation dollars on important bicycle and pedestrian projects. It'd be pretty cool for Century Cyclers to help Rails-to-Trails Conservancy reach its goal of 15,000 signatures by December 15. Speaking from experience, I can tell you signing the petition takes only about 20 seconds and can be easily done while watching "30 Rock."

Here's more background from RTC:

Within days of the president-elect taking office, Congress will likely pass a new large-scale economic recovery package, aiming to create millions of jobs.

A significant percentage of this package may be allocated specifically to transportation infrastructure. This presents both a threat and an opportunity.

The threat: Unless we speak up, these transportation funds will go overwhelmingly to road projects—the same unbalanced strategy that has created our existing transportation problems.

The opportunity: Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, in partnership with Thunderhead Alliance and America Bikes, has collected a list of hundreds of ready-to-go active transportation projects from communities across the country. These projects would create new jobs and revitalize communities by funding trails, bike lanes, sidewalks and other infrastructure.

This would meet the ultimate goal of the recovery package: creating immediate jobs. Additionally, such an investment strategy would provide both immediate economic benefits and lasting positive change.

The long-term benefits are many: promoting local businesses along active transportation corridors; reducing health care costs; and curbing climate change emissions and oil dependency. These projects would also establish the principle that active transportation infrastructure is a wise, efficient and desirable public investment.

Please sign the petition now. Thank you.

(Hat tip for the heads-up: Lois Moss at Walk+Roll)


  1. Excellent ideas and much needed! We all should be pressing our leaders to do just these improvements! Now is the time not later!
    Does Century Cycle have a copy of the petition to sign?

  2. It's an online petition; the link is in the first sentence of the original post above. Or, here's the url: