Friday, December 5, 2008

The Ted Crow Challenge: Cycling clothes for people who hate "outfits"

On Wednesday, The Plain Dealer's Fashion Editor, Kim Crow, wrote a column about how she thought a horribly-dressed man in the parking lot was a "homeless serial killer." Then she realized it was her own husband, Ted Crow. Ted is an avid cyclist to rides his bicycle everywhere. She relates how she implored Ted to dress better:

The next morning, as he rolled up his pant legs, I told him I could go buy him some real bike gear.

"They have all sorts of cool, high-tech outfits at Century Cycles! I could run out at lunch time!" I told him earnestly.

"Nah, I’m not an outfit kind of guy," he said, pulling on a second sweat shirt. "Besides, it leaves more money for nice Kimmy outfits."

Well, Ted, we agree with Kim. Century Cycles can help. You really DO need to be an outfit kind of guy (for comfort, for safety, and -- we'll admit it -- to look good). However, you certainly don't need to wear spandex and Day-Glo colors. A few good cycling outfits will not only make your lovely wife proud, but they will also make riding itself a lot better -- and they will still leave money for nice Kimmy outfits.

So we're taking The Ted Crow Challenge. We'll present Ted (and the rest of our blog visitors who are not "outfit kinds of people") with some suggestions for cycling clothes. All the products shown are available at a Century Cycles in Medina, Peninsula, or Rocky River. The models are all CC staffers (I know! they look like professionals, right?), and the gear is what we wear ourselves, now and all year-round.


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