Monday, December 29, 2008

ABC Ride on New Year's Day

A Bi-Cycling Dandy Excuse For Getting Hibernated In January!

That's right -- it's time for the Medina Bicycle Club's 33rd Annual ABC Ride on New Year's Day. Meet in Medina's Square for the group photo at 11:55 a.m. on January 1 (the one above is from 2007), then ride either 24, 12, or 3 miles starting at noon. This is no-frills riding at its best -- no registration fees, no services, no nothing but a good time! (Donations of up to 50 cents cheerfully accepted, however.) Expect to see Scott Cowan and perhaps a few other Century Cyclers there, joining in on the fun to start 2009 right.

For more event info and cold-riding tips, click here.

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Speaking of cold riding tips, that reminds me that Dirt Rag just posted a pretty good article on their website that some of you may find useful this winter: "Cold Weather Riding #6: Snot."

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