Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Hints: Our Top 5 Gifts for Cyclists

After logging thousands of miles on their bicycles and trying out the latest and greatest cycling products, the 30-person staff at Century Cycles voted on their favorite gifts for this holiday season. They had so many great ideas that we divided them into three categories - for cyclists, for those who go-by-bike (or want to go-by-bike more in 2009!), and for bicycling families. Here's the list for cyclists, with the other two to come.

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Cyclists

1. Mi-Newt Mini-USB Lighting System: We think it's the best for the money and easiest to recharge.

2. CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer: It's what we're using to lose the holiday pounds!

3. Bottle Cap Helmet Mirror: Just too cool!

4. Pearl Izumi Woolie Mammoth Jersey: Stay warm and look hot, even when you're not on your bike.

5. A bike, of course: Steel is real, baby! Steel bikes are hot for 2009, a return to the classic styling and supple ride that's better than ever.

As always: Century Cycles Gift Cards (which can also be purchased on our website) and stocking stuffers (Chamois Butt'r, energy bars, wool socks, and more).

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