Friday, November 21, 2008

Even Wikipedia considers Century Cycles a source for Surly

Check out reference #6 from the Surly entry on Wikipedia! (This is the page on Century Cycles' website that is cited.)

Why are we the source for Surly? Well, it's probably the people on staff who have supreme knowledge coupled with rabid enthusiasm. That said, Century Cycles also has complete Surly bikes at all three locations. And if you go the custom route, we have folks to help you select and order the components for a custom Surly that's just right for you.

A special shout-out has to go to the staff in Peninsula, who really lead the Surly way for us. I guess you could call them evangelists, really, who preach the steel bike gospel. They've built their fair share of Cross Checks, Pugsleys, Long Haul Truckers, and Big Dummys -- a few of which you may also spot in the employee parking.

Instead of showing you pics from the Surly catalog, here's what we saw in the Surly booth at Interbike back in September....

(Photographs by Mike Petcher. Thanks, Drew, for the Wiki tip!)

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