Friday, October 3, 2008

Greetings from Veracruz, Mexico

Hey kids, just dropping a note to say Hi to all the folks back in Ohio. Enjoy the coming winter--it's HOT down here. Some other highlights of our trip south so far:

2900 miles
2 countries
7 US states
2 Mexican states (yes, they have states down here just like us)
8 flat tires
2 hurricanes
Too numerous to count: barking, chasing dogs; pancakes; tacquitos.
Passed through Georgetown, Ohio; Georgetown, Kentucky; 200 miles west of Georgetown, Tennessee; a dozen or so miles west of Georgetown, Mississippi and Georgetown, Louisiana, and through George West, Texas.

Did I mention it's hot here?

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  1. Well you boys are just trucking right along! Nice going. Keep us posted!