Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bill Nye the Science Guy’s bike

Nye tells The New York Times Magazine what he rides: “It was a Gitane Interclub model bicycle. After I was hit by a car on that, I bought a 1975 Woodrup, which I still ride more than any other bike I own. It’s beautiful. Nothing gives me greater joy than riding my bike.”

Nye lives a very green life in L.A.: He replaced his lawn with a vegetable garden (cuts water use by 50%), installed solar panels (and now makes more power than he uses, which he sends back to the main L.A. power grid), and buys CO2 credits to offset his frequent plane travel. His goal for future plane trips is to pack so light that he can fit his luggage on his bike and ride it to the airport.


  1. Where is the link to the Century Cycles website? (Seems like that should be a no-brainer.)

  2. I think Chris is absolutely right! Let's get a link to our website up here somewhere. Also maybe some links to our vendors sites as well.