Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2009 Raleigh Rush Hour

Raleigh -- which reminded folks that it was the original all-steel bike maker -- was handing out pins at Interbike that said "I Love Steel." By the time we got to the Raleigh booth for our 1 p.m. meeting on Day 1 of Interbike, they had no pins left to give us. That is a slight indication of how hot steel in general -- and Raleigh's steel bikes in particular -- was at Interbike this year.

The sign by the Rush Hour asked "What would you expect from a company whose first bike was a fixie?" First your eye sees the black all-steel track frame and fork with no braze-ons, the track bar, the Keirin grips, the Sugino cranks -- and then the red anodized parts add the pop. Petch couldn't stop taking pictures of it.

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