Friday, June 6, 2008

Underground Railroad Route Report #9

Hey all,

Have arrived in Mt. Vernon in Knox Cty, Ohio. Have passed thru Dublin and Xenia since leaving Milford three days ago. All of this are of Ohio was settled around 1803 - 1804. It has been relatively flat riding with long milage days. Coming out of Milford on wed., we rode into the aftermath of the tornadoes that swept into the area the night before. We rode the Ohio to Erie bike trail (along the Little Miami RIver) in heavy rain and had to climb over or under downed trees the entire way. At one point our guides pulled us off of the trail due to lighting and thunder, but we eventually finished the ride for the day. After the rain, yesterday and today followed with extreme heat, low nineties, but we did have a great tail wind.

Of course the highlight of the last few days has been Nick's graduation from The Ohio State Medical School. Jay picked me up yesterday after I rode in and off we went to the festivities. It was quite a thrill to hear Nick introduced as Dr. Nicholas Jerome Milano. This Sunday (we have a layover day)
we will attend the general University Graduation to be held in the Horseshoe.

Tomorrow we have an 85 mile day into Oberlin, a hotbed of UGRR activity. I am hoping a few of my home-buddies will be joining me on the ride. I certainly will be in my home territory and am missing home, family and friends more than ever. Nine more days to the finish!



Click this site to see pictures from the ride.

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