Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Underground Railroad Route Report #7

Hi all,

Just had dinner, chicken sausage and peppers over polenta, large salad and brownies and ice cream. Hit the spot after a 90 mile day.

Woke this morning to a heavy fog settled in over the town of Lewisport which sits on the Ohio River. We had a long day ahead of us and we were on the rode by 6:45. We rode along the Ohio River for most of the day enjoying rural countryside as well as quite a bit of heavy industry along the river. While riding in the countryside, the mist seemed to amplify the sound of the birds and animals.. It is just you, your bike and your surroundings, nothing else interferes with the experience; this is one of the best things about cycling. Of course, when faced with steep hills, which we were after the first 20 miles, your focus shifts to the task at hand. GETTING YOUR BUTT UP THE HILL!!! In the end, made it into Brandenburg, Ky after 7 hours in the saddle.

Brandenburg and Lewisport are both very small towns built up around creeks that empty into the Ohio. In their prime, they were busy ports with heavy trade traffic. Founded in the early 1800's, with populations under 2000; most of the residents now are retirees. Of course all of this land along the Ohio River was once inhabited by the Cherokee and the Shawnee and we all know what happened to them! Lewisport's claim to fame is that Abraham Lincoln won his first court case there, when he defended himself. The charge: operating a river ferry boat without a license. Verdict: ACQUITTAL. And we all know what happened to him!

Yesterday we rode in the rain all day, for 67 miles. The route was flat, and the rain light and constant. Of course the rain makes for some very slippery streets and RAILROAD CROSSINGS. We had a few women fall. The worse case when five of us were riding together, three of us made it across some treacherous tracks, but the last two went down hard. Shoulder, knee and elbow injuries. No broken bones, just blood and bruising. We should have all walked our bikes across the tracks. We will next time.

Riding into Louisville, Ky. tomorrow by way of Indiana. Shorter ride of 52 miles followed by rest day in Louisville. We will cross over the Ohio River twice tomorrow. It is raining right now, but supposed to be nice tomorrow. I have to give my bike a quick cleaning, then I'm off to bed.

Hope you all had a great weekend, maybe got in some boating on beautiful Lake Erie. I am thinking of sailing season as my boys had their first sail over the weekend. They sailed to Put-N-Bay and Cedar Point. Word is they were a big hit at Put-N-Bay as the town gathered and cheered them off as they sailed away from the dock and headed home. Makes a mother wonder what happened at Put-N-BAY?????

Good Night All!!!


Click this site to see pictures from the ride.

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