Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Underground Railroad Route Report #5

Hello out there,

Since last i wrote, we have had two very difficult days, I know I keep saying that, but the hills are killers, as hard as anything we did in Tex, hill country last year on the southern tier XC ride. And the milage is long, 68 miles yesterday, and 63 today, door to door hills. The countryside is beautiful, it is prettier as we move north.

Yesterday, we rode through the Shiloh National Military Park. The Battle of Shiloh took place on April 6 & 7, 1862. Union forces were led by Grant and Confederate by Gen. Johnston and Gen. Beauregard. The Federal forces were victorious, but only after facing the bitter reality of 23,746 dead or wounded (in two days!). Spent the night in the small town of Parsons. Today we were onto Waverly, riding along the Tennessee river and through the Tenn. National Wildlife refuge. Saw quite an assortment of animals, including turtles and snakes on the rode. And the inevitable happened, when one of our riders was bit by a dog on her hip and hand. A great big black dog got her. I have encountered more dogs in the last three days than I saw on the entire XC trip last year. The sheriff was called and inquiries were made as to rabies shots etc... Everything checked out. The dogs we are encountering are lose in yards in the back hill country, very remote areas.

While riding mostly alone today in those very remote areas, I think Big Foot picked up my trail, because once again there was alot of rustlings in the woods!

Made it into Waverly, muscles very fatigued. More hills tomorrow. For all of you who joked that riding from the south up north would be all uphill, YOU WERE RIGHT!!! American Idol finale tonite, then to bed.



Click this site to see pictures from the ride:

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