Monday, May 12, 2008

Underground Railroad Route Report #3


THAT WAS SOOO...HARD!!! Made it the whole way, but yesterday's ride equalled the two hardest rides that we did on last years' XC ride. We rode hills right out of Bay Minette that continued for the entire 100 miles. It was very windy and hot, hot, hot! I spent 8 hours in the saddle and had an average of 12 miles per hr. We had a couple of 11% grade hills, and climbed 4200 feet. Needless to say, after that we were exhausted. All but 8 women finished the ride.

We were spread out over the road and arrived at the hotel, staggered over the course of two hours. First thing I did, was jump in the pool. Had a great chicken gumbo dinner and then fell into bed. Thank goodness we have a rest day today, because tomorrow is another 100 MILE Day!!!!

So far the terrain is mostly forested with a few small farms here and there. We saw more dead armadillos and dead snakes. There is alot of logging in the area, with logging trucks on the road. Staying at the Downtown Inn in Jackson, population 5000. We rode 100 miles because Jackson was the first town with a motel in it. That is the case again tomorrow as we ride to Demopolis, AL.

So far, I have roomed with Cathy, who is a firefighter from the Oakland, CA area, then with Sondra, a retired nurse from Monroe, LA and today with Marilee, who works for Gen. Elect. In the Rochester, NY area.

Today, I am going to clean my bike, read my book, eat and rest. We have already made a run to Walgreens, cleaned them out of Advil and Zinc Oxide.

I have heard from two people (love getting e-mails) having a hard time with the pictures, everyone else seems to be getting them.


Click this sight to see pictures from the ride.

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